The German Shepherd Rescue TrustTo be considered as a guardian of these magnificant animals there are certain requirements that must be met.

ALL requests to adopt MUST be made via our adoption application form.

Your property must be fully fenced with fence height of 1.8 metres (consideration will be given to slightly lower heights if placement is for a senior, or a less active dog).

We will not adopt to anyone who will not allow the GSD to have access to the home while they are home or expect it to sleep outside at night.

If you own a cat you must be realistic in your expectations of an early peaceful relationship. German Shepherds are high drive animals and it will take work for a cat and dog to live together harmoniously. If you have more than 2 house cats please do not even consider a German Shepherd, we feel it will cause too much stress for all concerned.

Dog’s to order – while our adoption application does offer you colour and coat choice we do not ‘rescue to order’ so requests for large bone, dark masked, standard coat with guarantee on hip dysplasia and strong ear set are best directed to a breeder. Please consider the financial outgoings of owning a large breed dog.

Large breed dogs do create a financial outlay of around $1,500 per annum to feed, register, and vaccinate, without any other additional vet costs due to illness or accident. Many dogs are relinquished by their owners for this very reason. Please be sure you are in a financial position to be able to maintain a German Shepherd Dog.

Adoption fee is $350.00 which includes initial vaccinations, council registration, desexing and microchipping.

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Please note we very rarely get dogs under the age of 6 months looking for a home.

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2. Do you own or rent your property? (required)
If renting, we require written permission from your landlord allowing you to keep a dog on the property and have access to the home. Approval must be no more than 1 month old at the time of presentation to the Trust. If your dog is not permitted on your rental agreement to be inside the house or if you are the home owner and will not let your dog inside the house we will not consider you for adoption.

2.1. Do you have landlord permission and can you supply written confirmation? (required)
Applications for rental properties will not be processed until we have received written consent. Please attach written consent.

3. How long have you lived at your current address (required)

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5.1. Age of Children
Please give the age of children living in your home.

6. Fencing (required)
Dogs will only be adopted to fully fenced properties or those that have a secure area to be left in without the need to chain it up. Does your property meet these requirements as mentioned above.

6.1 Height and Type of Fence (required)
Height at lowest point . Preferred height 1.8 anything under 1.5 will not be approved

7. Do you give permission for a Trust Representative to conduct a property check. (required)
This will be at a mutually agreeable time and we request that all members of the family who are going to have regular contact with the dog be present.

8. Where will the dog be when you are home? (required)

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9a. If you have selected 'other' above please state what daytime arrangements you have for your dog.

9a. How long will your dog be on its own during the day. (required)

10. Where will your dog sleep at night. (required)

11. Where will your dog stay if/when you go on holiday? (required)

12. Are you prepared to take your dog to obedience classes (required)

13. Pet Ownership History (required)
Do you currently have any other pets?

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13.2. Please list current pets, species, breed, sex, (desexed or entire) and ages

14. Permit to own more than one dog (required)
Some Councils require a permit to own more than one dog. Do you have a permit, if so please give Council permit number.

14.1. Council & Permit Number (required)
Franklin and Auckland Central require a permit for more than ONE dog Please check with your council if unsure for your area. We require you to have the permit in hand before we will place a GSD

14.2. Have you ever been charged for any offence under the Dog Control/Animal Welfare Act relating to past dogs owned by you. (required)

14.3. If yes please elaborate

15. Why do you specifically want to adopt a German Shepherd Dog (required)

16. Have you ever owned a German Shepherd Dog previously (required)
GSDs are an intelligent breed which needs to have physical and mental stimulation. Please research the breed and understand their characteristics, the fact that they shed and blow their costs annually. If you cannot give two good long walks a day with them please consider a different breed.

Details of past ownership and reason no longer with you.

17. Please provide any additional information which you think would be beneficial to your application.

18. Name of Vet you have attended in the past.
Are you happy for us to contact your vet for a reference? Please write their name and phone number below.

19. Adoption costs (required)
We do not have a set fee for our dogs but that does not mean our dogs are free. There is minimum donation of $300.00 to cover our outgoings of registration, desexing, vaccinations and microchipping. (around $800.00 value) Transportation is at the adopters expense.

Thank you for considering adopting a German Shepherd Dog, your application will be processed at our earliest opportunity. Please be mindful that we are a volunteer organisation and it may be a couple of days until we are able to respond. In some cases messages do end up in spam so if you have not heard from us within a week please send an email direct to so we can followup.