The German Shepherd Rescue TrustThe German Shepherd Dog Rescue Trust (GSRT) is a New Zealand-based non-profit Charitable Trust, (CC27372) an entirely voluntary organisation dedicated to rescuing neglected, abandoned and unwanted German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) across New Zealand. The trust was founded by Denise Sharp in the memory of Yani, Denise’s first German Shepherd Dog, who died at the age of 2 1/2 years after battling various illnesses.

The Trust has 4 Trustees (see below) and enlists a few volunteers residing in Palmerston North, Hastings, Wellington, Waikato, Whakatane, Warkworth and Auckland, who offer services such as checking potential homes for a dog, transporting the dogs to their approved homes, and helping the Trust’s founder, Denise, in organising the annual GSDRT Christmas Party and GSDRT calendar production and posting.

YaniThe Trust has been applauded for its service by the North & South magazine February 2007 edition, and its founder Denise was a runner-up for the Aucklander of the Year Award 2005. Telecom NZ also awarded Denise with their ‘Unsung Hero Award’, as did ‘Pets on the Net’ with their “Good Pet Person Award”. GSRT was  featured in the Collectors Edition of the PET Magazine March 2012 and most recently in The NZ Kennel Club Dog World Magazine September 2015.


Yani was a German Shepherd Dog born on 28 May, 1999. She was adopted by Denise Sharp at the age of 7 weeks, selected from a litter of 7, and was the puppy that made an instant connection with Denise.  Her short life was a war against many diseases and illnesses including severe gastritis, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, (EPI) Thrombocytopenia, B12 Deficiency, Animal Protein Allergy which ultimately led to Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Trustees of The German Shepherd Rescue Trust.

Trustees of The German Shepherd Rescue Trust.

Suzanne  – Auckland

Mike  – Veterinarian – Auckland

Kim  –  Auckland

Guus Knopers – Our special guest at our 10th Anniversary

Denise  –  Auckland – Founder of GSD Rescue