Rehome RequestWe are a rescue organisation devoting our time and resources to dogs in situations that need immediate help, ie. at risk dogs, dogs in animal shelters, those suffering from abuse. These will always take precedence.

We can help you to rehome your dog after attempts by yourself have not been successful but require that dogs are desexed, council registered and vaccinated.  Fosterhomes are reserved for dogs without owners so will require you to continue caring for your dog until a home is found for them. All dogs needing to be rehomed will need to have a request to rehome form completed and a recent photograph supplied.  We will then contact you to arrange a temperament assessment of your dog. We also require a vet report on your dog’s current state of health.

All our helpers are volunteers and we often cannot arrange assessments at short notice.

In order to ensure that we find a new home where your dog will be loved and cared for, please answer the following questions as fully and as honestly as possible. If your dog is accepted into our program you will be required to sign over ownership of the dog to rescue.

Space in foster homes, however, is always in short supply and we may request that you continue to care for your dog until an appropriate permanent home is found. In some cases we have to board the dogs while we are waiting a foster or forever home.  Please note that we are predominantly a rescue organisation though are happy to help with rehoming non-rescue dogs with genuine reasons for rehoming.

We cannot accept dogs with a known bite history.

Rehome Request Form

We are predominately an organistation to help dogs without owners. We are happy to ‘help’ you rehome your dog providing they are suitable as family pets. Dogs with severe behavioral issues cannot be accepted for rehoming. All dogs placed by the Trust are desexed. For private rehoming (non rescue situation) we require your dog to be currently registered under a Council Authority.

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If your dog is not registered we will need to you to register it before we accept for rehoming.

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Our foster homes are reserved for dogs in a resuce situation. In exceptional circumstances, i.e. death of owner we will endeavour to place the dog in fostercare.

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Note: We do not accept dogs with menancing or dangerous dog classifications. Please inform us of any reason your dog is known to the Council.

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