Below we’ve answered many of the questions that we are frequently asked. If you don’t find the answers feel free to Contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible!

Do GSDs make good family pets?2017-06-15T00:40:56+00:00

German Shepherds tend to love and be dedicated to their human family and can be especially fond of children. GSDs are naturally protective of their “pack”. Your dog’s ranking in the “pack” should always be established as the bottom. The dog’s temperament, socialization, training levels all need to be considered before bringing a dog into the family.

Like children, each dog is different in personality, energy and patience levels. So, each dog and family member relationship should be considered individually.

How do I apply to adopt a German Shepherd?2017-06-15T00:40:56+00:00

Complete our Dog Adoption Application form which will enable us to match your circumstances with a suitable dog. There is no point introducing you to a couch potato if you want a running companion.

Why is a home check necessary?2015-08-13T22:43:06+00:00

Many of the dogs that come into care has been because a gate has become open and the dog has got out, fencing inadequate. The council impounding fees for uncontrolled dogs, which is what they class a dog who is unattended , can be exorbitant in many areas and some families simply cannot afford to get them out.

We make sure that this will not happen again and if need be will point out the weakpoints in your fencing if we spot them. Often this is overlooked by the home owner.

How much will it cost to adopt a dog from German Shepherd Rescue Trust?2017-06-15T00:40:56+00:00

The German Shepherd Rescue Trust is not a petshop We do not buy or sell dogs. Our aim is to find a kind and loving forever home.

All our dogs are registered, vaccinated and desexed (if applicable) prior to placement. Reimbursement of these costs is requested as it is a cost you would incur regardless of where you obtained your dog. A minimum donation of $200.00 is payable at the time of adoption, which is only a portion of the outgoings spent on each of our dogs to make them adoptable and  cover the ever growing expenses of foster care and petrol expenses.

All donations over $5.00, are tax deductible

If a dog is found that will suit us what is the next step?2015-08-13T22:40:04+00:00

If you live close to where we are based you will be introduced to the dog. All information that we are aware of will be passed on to you.

If the meeting goes well the dog is offered to you on a two week trial period. This gives you the opportunity to see if both you and the dog suit each other.. At the end of that time a visit will be made by one of the German Shepherd Trust Trustee’s or their designated representative to see first hand how things are.

What do I do if I find that the dog does not suit?2015-08-13T22:38:58+00:00

This is why we have a two week trial period. Within that time you will have an idea whether the dog is going to fit in with your lifestyle. If something happens later that you are unable to keep them, we ask that you contact us first to see if there is anyone on our waiting list, or if we are able to take them into foster care. The cost of returning the dog to us is at your expense.

I already have a male dog, would another male be best to get?2015-08-13T22:37:16+00:00

We do advise to get the opposite sex to what you already have to avoid a challenge for top dog. With a male and female, each are top dog in their own rite, Top male, Top female.
More problems re encountered with two females than two males., but there are many instances were same sex dogs get along famously.

What is the life expectancy of a GSD?2015-08-13T22:35:16+00:00

Most lines of GSDs will live to between 10-13 years of age. 11-12 years is probably a very reasonable expectation.

Do German Shepherds shed a lot?2015-08-13T22:34:34+00:00

Yes. The GSD is a “double-coated” dog with an undercoat and guard hairs. The guard hairs will be shed all year. The undercoat is “blown” twice a year.

What about long-coated GSDs?2015-08-13T22:33:36+00:00

The correct GSD coat is relatively short with an obvious undercoat. As such it is quite waterproof. Some dogs are born with long coats, which usually, though not always, are devoid of undercoat. Such coats can be more difficult to groom, but many pet owners like the long-coated dogs.