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I have been browsing the GSRT website since our German Shepherd was diagnosed with cancer in December 2004 (he died 04 January 2005). At that time, there wasn’t another GSD available for adoption, so we adopted a Boxer through Boxer Rescue. However, I continued to be a regular browser -at least twice a week – and when “Lucky” was put on the “Homes Needed” page, he made his way straight to my heart. Now named “Dudley”, he’s a vital part of our family. I thank not only the GSRT main people (Denise, Liz & Co.), but the website, for making our family complete. The website is easy to read and an awesome way to interact with other GSD-lovers.
This is an amazing site with the most beautiful/handsome boys/girls I have seen.I am quite envious of you all who own them. I have been trying for some tiime to register but I kept getting the message saying something was not right. However after my last try I had an email to say to say the account was up and running running. Great. Not. The site will not reconise what I have entered so it looks like I am destined to be a sneaky looker on. to Denise and all your amazing helpers keep doing the good work, you are on top of my winning lotto list, when it happens. Regards lucee’s mum.
Eleanor Plant
I have adopted 2 GSD’s through rescue plus fostered many, rehomed, homechecked. This is an amazing organisation to be a**ociated with. We have formed many long lasting friendships. I thank and love GSD Rescue everyday for our kids they are a special memory to our past GSD’s and of course Yani who made this all happen.
Dee Wintle
If this works I’ll be amazed as I’m not one of those computer literate people. Although I do WP at work!!! The site is just great, and if I can find my way around then it’s easy to use. Love the site and if there’s a problem with my 2 adopted GSD’s then I know I can ask and can get advice from “knowledgeable” people. So, I say a big “Well Done” – Rae, Gemma and Shiloh
In Feburary 2007 when I lost my beloved GSD Xena I truly thought my heart would break. One day while browzing the internet I put in German Shepherd and up popped the GS Rescue website. I looked with interest at this site and was sure that I had been guided to look here for another furry friend to fill the void in my heart that could only be filled by a German Shepherd. In May Saffy came to join our family and she made my heart whole again. 525.1.jpgThrough this site I have made some wonderful friends, and I enjoy reading the posts and sharing the joys and smiles, sorrows and tears with others in the daily lives of owning our dogs. Danny the new site looks great and I hope others find this site and are willing to open their hearts and homes to a ‘pre loved’ pet and find the joy that only a Rescue Dog can bring. Our thanks to you all for bringing Saffy into our lives Judy, Barry & SAFFY #525
Judy Robinson
Reading a Pet magazine I saw GSD Res cool website – it was all meant to be- I instinctively registered to adopt Shiloh in New Plymouth- not even a face photo of her but her behind! Sadly I see that Shiloh needs a new home again Denise soon rang back, said Shiloh had a home but there was another buck in the SPCA thats how we got our Shadow. Our gorgeous 18mth Rottie buck Shalee was terrified when we took the 2 for a walk! but left alone they made friends and Oh! what a wonderful pack we have now and wot adventures we have! I can’t believe how different a GS is to the Rotties we r used 2 and two dogs a REAL PACK – with awesum advise from Denise, Andrea NP SPCA,Jan Fennells book/DVD I have/am learning to be pack leader! and so much more, body language/eyes Shadow is just gorgeous, huge personality, intelligent, very strong willed but in her own way obedient ! She & Sharlee are awesum mates we all so happy to have our gorgeous Shadow.
Annie Chamberlain
I was given a wonderful opportunitty to rehome a lovely boy from denise 9 years ago. We had a wonderful 9 years with him before old age took him from us 6 months ago. I contacted Denise 2 months ago regarding getting another loved member of our family. Denise has found us the most perfect match in our young Lucky who arrived two weeks ago. 960.jpg Thank you so much Denise for your unwavering many years of dedication to rehoming our gorgeous shepherd friends! Regards Gill Hayes and family
Gill Hayes
Thanks so much for giving our beloved Freya the new beginning she deserved. It has been a year and I receive regular updates from her new Mum. It was an amazing job you did finding the perfect match for such a beautiful and spirited girl. I will be forever grateful.
Lorraine Jones