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The German Shepherd Rescue TrustWe are a privately operated service dedicated to the well being and long term care of German Shepherd dogs in New Zealand.

The German Shepherd Rescue Trust is a volunteer organisation providing complete care for unwanted, abandoned, neglected and stray German Shepherd dogs and puppies while actively seeking permanent, loving homes for these homeless pets.

Once a dog arrives at The German Shepherd Rescue Trust, volunteers get to know each dog individually and evaluate the dog’s personality, which enables the Rescue to match each GSD with the best possible home and environment. Any health problems are also addressed while the German Shepherd is in foster care.

PoemDenise Sharp in memory of her first German Shepherd – Yani, established the German Shepherd Rescue Trust, which is now devoted to helping as many unfortunate GSD’s as possible. Yani’s Story and Yani’s Rainbow is a tribute to the dedication and love that can be shared between a person and a courageous and loyal German Shepherd.

The Rescue Trust is based in Auckland however there are many Lucky Dogs currently living in wonderful, permanent homes throughout the North and South Island. Homes Needed – we have German Shepherds ranging in age from puppies to senior dogs waiting for the ideal permanent home so if you are seeking a beautiful large breed dog as a companion simply complete our online dog Adoption Application form and we will contact you. Check out our Faces of Rescue for some great photos and rescue stories.

How can you help?

gsdrecue-22We are always looking for caring foster homes that are able to sometimes take dogs on short notice. Foster duration time can vary between just a couple of days, through to a couple of weeks. On the odd occasion it has been necessary to have a dog in foster care for a few months.

Reasons for extended time in foster care vary, it could be just while they recuperate from being desexed, or time to get some of the abuse victims back to physical health and get them to learn to trust again.

All dogs who come into GSD Rescue are vet checked, vaccinated and neutered before placement. There is a lot of travelling to check out potential homes and to transport the dog to that new home. All this costs money, which means some dogs cannot be saved due to lack of funds.


If you can help us in a financial way or donate some of your time then please take a look at our Make a Donation area. We would also like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Our Sponsors, who help make the Rescue Trust a possibility every day.

Due to the popularity of our calendars we are now taking pre-orders for next years GSD Rescue Calendar. Last year we sold out, so don’t miss out this year and submit your details for your calendar.

This site also provides helpful Bonding information to enable you and your German Shepherd to develop a strong, healthy friendship plus some useful tips and advice for Lost & Found pets.

Please do not hesitate to read our FAQs or Contact us if you have any questions, or email us directly at info@gsdrescue.org.nz and to find out what is happening at our Rescue right now simply visit our Facebook Page.

We are strong supporters of networking and encourage like-minded Websites to exchange Links with us. If you believe your Website meets our criteria then Submit your site for review.

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