The New Zealand Kennel Club states there are currently 204 breeds of dog recognised by their club and these breeds have been categorised within breed groups which include Toy, Terrier, Gundogs, Hound, Working, Utility and Non Sporting.

While we don’t have 204 dog breed information articles just yet, we are continuing to create new articles on a regular basis, starting with the most popular and common dog breeds from around the world.

This is where you can find out more information on your favorite breed of dog, including a general overview of the breed, history, temperament plus upkeep and health as well as any health issues you might expect within that breed.

If you are researching a specific breed or type of dog as a family pet, we suggest you contact the New Zealand Kennel Club and get in contact with experienced breeders, as they will be able to advise of the pro’s and con’s regarding the dog you are interested in purchasing.