There are two types of Fox Terrier breed, being the Smooth coat and the Wire-haired Fox Terrier. The Fox Terrier (also referred to as ‘foxy’) is a small/medium sized dog with a lifespan of around 10-13 years. Females can weigh anywhere between 6.7-7.7 kg’s and males between 7.3-8.2 kg’s. The Smooth coat Fox Terrier should have a coat that is smooth, flat, hard and dense, while the Wire Fox Terrier has coat that appears broken with a wiry, dense texture. The colour of the coat is normally predominately white with brown and/or black markings.

Bred originally to assist in fox hunting, the Fox Terrier is now a very popular dog for families that want a smaller dog with all the energy and personality of a big dog! Fox Terrier’s are still used for hunting and tracking and you will see them often racing around in agility events.

A very popular breed in New Zealand, especially with rural dwellers, the Fox Terrier is a very energetic yet loving companion that loves nothing more then playing with everyone and everything!

The Fox Terrier was around back in the 18th century when he was used for harassing foxes out of their holes for hunters. First bred in England in the 1700’s, the Fox Terrier was the creation of breeding between the English Hound, ancient Dachshunds, Fox Hound and the Beagle. White was the preferred colour as it meant hunters could distinguish between the quarry and the dog in dim lighting or thick scrub. For showing purposes, the Fox Terrier is part of the Terrier Group.

If you have met a Fox Terrier then you will have definitely noticed their incredibly high levels of energy and playful nature. Their willingness to bark (sometimes to excess) makes them a great family guard dog, while their affectionate nature and playful energy makes them very popular with younger members of the family.

Upkeep & Health
While the size of the Fox Terrier is that of a small/medium size dog, they do have an almost inexhaustible supply of energy that requires plenty of exercise and a backyard big enough to romp around. Along with daily exercise, the Foxy can be quite a dominant dog, therefore does require regular obedience training to stop him from getting too ‘full of himself’!

The Fox Terrier is happy to hang around outside with you all day, no matter what the weather conditions, however he is very much a family orientated dog and loves nothing more then spending his evenings inside with the rest of the family.

The Smooth Fox Terrier has a short dense coat that only requires brushing once a week, however the Wire-Haired Fox Terrier will benefit from a couple of grooms each week.

As a medium size breed dog, the Fox Terrier burns a lot of calories with his active lifestyle, therefore it is important to provide him with a balanced diet as advised by your vet.

The Fox Terrier is a very hardy breed and seems to avoid a lot of the health issues that can be faced by many other breeds of dog. The only minor concerns with this breed can be cataracts, lens luxation and shoulder dislocation.