The Golden Retriever is considered a large size breed dog with a generous lifespan of approximately 10-13 years. The most common coat colour is any shade of gold or cream, however there are some dogs that have a red or mahogany coloured coat, which is not recognised by the NZKC. The average weight for a male is 32-37 kg’s and females 27-32 kg’s.

Originally bred for retrieving, the Golden Retriever still boasts its sporting instincts and is used by hunters for retrieving bird game. One of the most popular breeds in New Zealand, the Golden Retriever is a popular family dog due to his gentle and loving nature, especially with children, however the Golden Retriever can still earn his way in the working world! Thanks to his fine nose, the Golden Retriever is used for tracking and narcotics detection and also serves as a guide for the blind, therapy dog and service dog for the disabled.

You will always find the Golden Retriever in the ‘top 10’ favourite breeds, which is why this gentle and loyal family pet is popular with families with children. Along with his mild manners, the ‘Goldy’ is considered easy to train, making him a popular type for obedience trails.

Originally from England, the breed dates back to the 1800’s and boasts the blood of retriever, water spaniel, setter and a rather light coloured Bloodhound! The breed has been around in New Zealand since the 1940’s, however it wasn’t the 1950’s that the breed really began to increase in popularity, and it now boasts to being one of the most popular breeds within New Zealand.

When you think of the Golden Retriever you normally create an image of a loving, happy and friendly dog… and you would be correct! Renowned for his lovely manner and trainability combined with his sporting attributes, makes the Golden Retriever a great outdoor family pet or Gundog for the weekend game bird hunter. The breed is suited for families with children.

Upkeep & Health
The ‘Goldy’ enjoys a rural setting or a home with a generous back yard! As a very family orientated animal he thrives on human interaction as well as a good dose of daily exercise to keep his mind and body content! This dog is also happy to live inside with the family, and is ideally suited for an indoor/outdoor style of life within the family.

The Golden Retriever has a medium-length, double coat that requires grooming at least twice a week with a quality bristle brush, making sure you pay extra attention to the dense undercoat. This breed of dog is considered an ‘average’ coat shedder.

The Golden Retriever boasts a hearty appetite and thrives best on a balanced diet approved by your vet.

The Golden Retriever is prone to cancers as well as Hip and elbow dysplasia. In America potential owners should ensure that the specimen’s parents are OFA and CERF certified. Heart problems may also be a concern for this breed, as well as congenital eye defects and skin allergies.