November 2016

Am I “Ticklish” … or not?

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For someone that is extremely "ticklish", I have often wondered if "possibly" this was a trait that some dogs do also have? It’s not a disease after all

May 2016

I’m thirsty Mum

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When I first started writing some of the stories I have written, there was one I always wanted to tell. And no matter how many times I have tried – it just never came out right. But today is the day where I am going to talk about a very real topic…

What colour is your hair?

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This is a question for all the humans reading this – and please, stop for a minute and think about this before you answer. What colour is your hair? Red, Black, Blonde, Brown, Chestnut – or a mixture of what the lovely hair salon team give you?

The Older Dog Buddies Story

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It is very true that some people shy away from taking on the burden of an older dog when they make that life changing decision to welcome a German Shepherd (or any other) dog into their home and heart.

Itchy Skin

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Have you got a dog that has itchy skin? Tried everything and nothing seems to work? Been to the vet and tried medicated shampoo – and STILL they get itchy?

Police Dog Luke

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It’s interesting to find out how people first became aware of the German Shepherd breed, or what it what is was that sparked their introduction.

Ear Infections with Dogs

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Have you ever seen your dog scratching its ear, or shaking its head more than usual? Have you looked at it and thought – seems fine, but noticed a funny smell?

Sorry Miss, the dog ate my homework!

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It’s a beautiful autumn morning, and little Johnny goes to school. He sit’s nervously in the class room while the teacher collects everyone’s homework from the night before.

April 2016

Famous German Shepherd Dogs

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German Shepherds have many talents, and for a long time they have been making their way in the film industry with numerous acting roles. Today I thought I would take a quick glimpse through history and see how many of these you remember.

Dog Pee Collection

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As a human, if you are feeling unwell – you go to the Doctor. If you have a tooth ache – you go to the Dentist. If you are having problems with your eyes – you go to the Optometrist.

ANZAC day / Gazza the Police Dog!

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Yesterday was ANZAC day, and I was not alone in attending a Dawn Parade to remember and acknowledge the sacrifices that many of our fellow country men and women, made to allow us to have what we have today.

January 2016


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The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog and is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. There is a wide variety of Chihuahua size, color, coat length and head shape throughout the world. Their height usually varies between 15-23cm and their weight varies between 1-3kg.

Boxer Dog

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The Boxer is a medium size breed dog with a lifespan of approximately 9-11 years. Males normally weigh between 29-34kg's and females between 23-27kg's. The most common coat colour is Fawn or Brindle, with or without white markings. However, there are ‘all white’ Boxers also around.


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Dogs who have been uprooted from their happy homes or have not had the best start in life are more likely to bond very completely and deeply with their new people. Those who have lost their families through death, divorce or lifestyle change go through a terrible mourning process.

Dog Breeds

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The New Zealand Kennel Club states there are currently 204 breeds of dog recognised by their club and these breeds have been categorised within breed groups which include Toy, Terrier, Gundogs, Hound, Working, Utility and Non Sporting.

Labrador Retriever

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The Labrador Retriever (most commonly referred to as 'Labrador' or 'Lab') is one of the most popular breeds in New Zealand and the United States. This large size breed dog has a lifespan of 10-13 years and comes in one of three colours, being Chocolate (Brown), Golden (Yellow - Red) or Black.

German Shepherd Dog

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The German Shepherd Dog (also known as Alsatian, GSD or Deutscher Schaferhund) is a large breed dog with a lifespan of approximately 10-12 years. Males normally weigh between 30-40kg's and females between 22-32kg's.

Fox Terrier

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There are two types of Fox Terrier breed, being the Smooth coat and the Wire-haired Fox Terrier. The Fox Terrier (also referred to as 'foxy') is a small/medium sized dog with a lifespan of around 10-13 years.

Golden Retriever

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The Golden Retriever is considered a large size breed dog with a generous lifespan of approximately 10-13 years. The most common coat colour is any shade of gold or cream, however there are some dogs that have a red or mahogany coloured coat, which is not recognised by the NZKC.